Three Red Pears

There should be a children’s story in that, I think. This is the third practice after the bell pepper of the art projects I had to do. Next is an egg on a blanket. You’re supposed to do the background on these subjects first, table, or in this case, tree, and then the subject(s). So I’ve worked on the blanket and table for the egg. I need to work on the blanket some more, then I need to create the background to match the color scheme. Those are fun for me. Then I need to paint the egg. That’s going to be hard.

I’m new at the Wacom and I’m just now getting to where I can draw more of a straight line, but curves and getting sharp edges are still hard. I’m getting better at sharp edges though. You should have seen my fuzzy first attempts when I first started.

Okay, little one will be here in a little bit, so got up super early to get some edits done on the book in the meantime. I reached word count, yay! Need to finish the story!

Have a super great day!


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