Egg Practice

Well, weathermen are still unsure whether we’ll get some of the storm. I saw where we might get 1-2″ of rain. It’s showing rain from Wednesday through Friday.

It’s only going to be a high of 89 on Wednesday, wow! 97 today.

I’m taking little one overnight on Friday night and dropping her off on Saturday. I now have the one little room set up for her to sleep in, so we’ll see if she’ll sleep there, or end up in my bed. The problem is when she ends up in my bed is that I don’t sleep. lol I told her if she stays with me, that’s her bed and Grandma has her own bed. So we’ll see. lol

So I have 3 days of writing–today is cooler, if I could do some yard work! I’m still trying to finish the book. I’m at 87K. Goal is 89K. I will make that. I’m still just trying to finish writing the extra scenes I need. I realized, not only do I need to finish this, and write the novella, I need to write some promo blogs for the Sept release. I don’t know how Sept got here so quickly!

Have a great day!!!


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