Sleepy Bumblebee

Bumblebee on Zinnia

I was out taking pictures of jumbo mushrooms when I came across this sleepy bumblebee. So I was able to get really close, he stirred a little, and I was done.

Little one will be here and we’ll be decorating for fall. It will be like Christmas for her as we bring out all the decorations to set up and that will be fun for both of us. It doesn’t feel like fall. It feels like hot summer. But I’d rather have it set up and enjoy it for a longer while, than put it up and take it down to set up for Christmas in short order.

I’m halfway done on Tangling with the Wolf. I realized I don’t have a season for the story. Setting the season will make it feel more real. But what season??? A special event? New Years! Or Halloween…or fall, or spring, or summer or winter. I just need to figure out what I feel so I can dress my characters right. I realized I don’t have them dressed at all. Clothes and setting can reveal more about the characters….so need to put on my thinking hat.

Have a great day!!!!


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