Redid the Snow Boy

With suggestions from the class guru, I was able to turn this scene into more of a winter scene. I love it. She had said not to do a color scheme like this, which is why I hadn’t, but she said my picture was the exception to the rule.

So yesterday, little one and I had the following discussion: “I want some popcorn.”

“You can have it when you stay overnight with me. Mommy will give some to me for the overnight stay.”

“Mommy doesn’t have any popcorn.”

“Oh, well, she’ll get some–for when you stay overnight.” I finally picked some up at the grocery store, but that’s kind of our special treat. Movies and popcorn for an overnight stay.

So I was telling her dad when he picked her up about our popcorn discussion. He said he had gotten some more at the grocery store and they’d eaten a bag of it the night before. Lol

Moral of the story, don’t believe everything a 3-year-old tells you.

I had to ship birthday presents this morning. Now I’m working on setting Tangling with the Wolf in the fall. We’re actually dropping down to 67 on Friday morning! Yay! I’ll be out weeding first thing then.

Have a super great day!


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