Ack, Deadline Moved UP!!!

It’s chilly out this morning and I want to weed!!!! It’s just beautiful out. But, they moved up the deadline on my novella because my editor is going on vacation. I wrote 7,000 words on Friday, yesterday got the last 3,000, and now it’s finished. I just need to type the changes to the last chapter, add the epilogue, and then send it off.

The best laid plans. I still need to write the marketing materials for Wolff Bros 2, oh, and the letter to the reader for Dreaming of the Wolf and then I’m off to write the Halloween cougar novella, earlier than I thought I could. Yay!

So weeding??? We’re under tropical storm warnings today, so not sure if I can get to it after I finish edits.

Another Short Hair Practice

Have a great day! I’m soooooooo super excited to finish Tangling with the Wolf which will be in the 10th Anniversary of Dreaming of the Wolf! Woohoo!!!


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