Tropical Storm Beta

I’m hoping to turn in Tangling with the Wolf today. I finished writing it yesterday, and once I finish beta reader edits, it’ll be ready to go.

Tornado Looking Clouds

We’re under tropical storm warnings, had a light rain all day yesterday, ended up with 2″ of rain. And I got a ton of weeding done. Yay!

It’s so dark this morning, it’s like the sun never rose. It’s perfectly moody. It would be a great time to write the Cougar Halloween Trouble novella. We’re supposed to get more rain through Tuesday. My Weather Channel is doing weird things though. Instead of giving an hourly report from the hour it is now, it’s showing at 1 pm, 4 hours from now. Must be all the spooky stuff going on with the weather.

Little one is here and is watching Halloween stories, so I’m feeling in a spooky mood.

I need to do the edits from my other beta reader before I can send it in and then work on Cougar. I was looking at some photos of couples I could use. Looks like it’s going to be a pirate Halloween theme.

Hope you all are having a good day and hope the areas that have been hit so badly with all the other storms are going to be all right. We’ve been missing most of it.


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