Redid the Mermaid in Blue

I’m working on my first required long hair girl, but I did this one because she was so much fun. I need 5 extras for practice to move forward, beyond the others I am required to do. I have 4 long haired women I need to do and I’m working on 2 of them. And then we have a background we need to paint to incorporate into the photo painting, after I do all the long haired ladies.

But, I also am working on Cougar Halloween Trouble, got 3,000 words yesterday, and I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and had an idea for the story. Yes! I hate it when I can’t sleep, but when I can come up with a story idea, that makes it better.

All right, so tomorrow it’s going to be really cool, temperature wise! That will be fun.

Have a super great day!!


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