Crazy Weather!

Another long hair painting

What a crazy day. It always seems so topsy turvy when it’s really hot in the morning, and then the temps start going down. I went for a walk, thinking it was going to be 57 and it was 80 and 90% humidity. Hot, hot, hot. And muggy.

I get home, my sprinklers are going and it starts pouring out. lol And the temps are dropping. Yay!

Fun day! Different from heat and more heat always makes it a fun day.

So I managed 4,000 words yesterday on Cougar Halloween Trouble and found a photo of a cougar couple I want to use for the cover. Today, I will get my minimum of 2,000. I need to run errands today.

I’m cutting down a rosebush that’s too close to the patio. So that was a major exercise in thorn-stabbed fingers. I need heavier duty gloves. Then Tanner managed to get one of the branches of thorns stuck in his fur while I was cutting them up and I had to cut the branch out of his fur. That’s the problem with long-furred dogs! He was good though when I told him to stay so I could run and get the clippers. I had managed to pull some of it out of his fur, but he has very thick fur, and the last part I had to cut–not his fur, the branch.

That was my excitement for yesterday! This morning, I’m boiling fire ants that are getting into the house.

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Crazy Weather!

  1. Fire ants for breakfast. It takes a kajillion of them to make a meal so I stir fry them with taters, peppers, and onions.

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