Nearly Done with the Novella–Yay!

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I’m nearly finished with writing Cougar Halloween Trouble. I need to make a cover. I’ve looked for something I’d like, but I can’t find any premade cougar shifter covers, so I’ll make my own. And I need to edit the novella too, once it’s all done.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the first long haired woman extra practice. I’ve been having trouble with the background, passing with the painting of the subject. I will be glad when we move on and can have a different background to paint.

I have little one overnight tonight–so it will be interesting to see if she’ll stay in her room, but I suspect it won’t happen.

We’re taking a walk to feed the turtles this morning. She hasn’t been wanting to walk, until I put her down for a nap on Wednesday and all of a sudden, she wanted to feed the turtles, imagine that! Grandma stuck to her guns and said no.

First, she wanted to sleep in Grandma’s bed. I was washing the sheets. Then she wanted to sleep in her room. Then she came up with the idea to feed the turtles. Then she hid under my desk, not sure how she managed that when I wasn’t looking, and scared me to pieces. I was probably in the kitchen doing some clean up, then sat down at my desk and she had already hidden under there. I heard a bump. The dogs go in their crates when she goes down for a nap so they don’t bark and wake her. Sometimes, Max gets out, if I haven’t latched the latch securely enough. I glanced down, didn’t seen anything, and continued to type away at my manuscript. Another bump. I look down and little one is peering up at me with a smile.

I just had to laugh. Then she ended up on her mat in the living room while I was working on the story nearby. And then she was singing songs. “Close your eyes and sleep,” I said. Then she was out.

When she woke, we had lots of fun. It’s amazing what a little nap can do for a body!

All right, got to get off here and get to work before she arrives.

Have a super fun day! I want to write!


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