I Slept!

I have a hard time sleeping sometimes because I keep thinking of story ideas, or about stuff I have to do. I think making a list helped because I wrote it down and now I can get them done without worrying about getting them done.

I’m off to get my passport picture–it’s amazing how fast ten years fly, do my flu shot and hope I don’t get sick, and get all the light bulbs to light my way in the kitchen–and hope they have them in stock.

I have 4,000 words on Cougar Christmas Calamity so far, 76K words to go, but It’s a good start, and I was asked when I’m going to get another fae book out. *sigh* So many stories to write, so little time.

So I went to a 500,000 word generator site for fantasy, which can be used for anything, and have been used for everything–villain was once the protagonist’s best friend–I think of superhero stories–etc. Anyway, but they’re things I don’t think of, so maybe I can jump start a story. I have tons of covers for fae books. I just need to write them. Sometimes, if I’m not painting, I can write two stories at once, at least until I get them going, because I get stuck and spin wheels, but I can work on the other until I get stuck on it. It works when these books aren’t under an official deadline. What I don’t want to do is have 10 more books that are partway done. Finished books sell. Unfinished books are sad.

I was also looking for couple figures with a winter theme for the cover of Cougar Calamity Christmas. It helps to add to the story. I found one I love where she is wearing hot pink gloves and a hat, she’s a blond, and that was her favorite color in another story. He’s former Black Ops, moody, wears black, and in the picture he definitely isn’t. So it shows how she changes him in a good way. The cover helps me to describe him better, internally and externally.

Have a great day!! Mine is off and running in about a minute!


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