Blue Jay in Photoshop Oil

So I was waiting on a background check in the class–not secret clearances but whether my manual background in oil passed, and worked on one of the blue jays I’ve photographed in my yard in the meantime.

I’ve got a million things to do, but I want to write too. Things are getting jumbled up as commitments to do things are starting to stack up, ugh. My daughter is moving her daughter to a new day care because the old one won’t do anything about mask wearing and they’re not teaching the three-year olds anything. The new place is a little closer, but Grandma has to pick her up at 3 on the three days I don’t have her, so that’s going to cut into my days. I HAVE to get her by 3, or they get charged a lot more…that means leaving here about 2:30. And my days to have her are changing again, so I have to get my mind wrapped around that. AND I have to remember that I’m picking her up at 3 on the other days. Poor Grandma.

Once I do it a few times, it will be business as usual, but…

Okay, I’m off to walk, then go to the grocery store. Wanted to also go get bark mulch, but I think I’ll do that on Monday. The electrician—2nd one I contacted–is coming in the evening. The first one never showed up either Friday or Saturday or texted me about it at all. This guy was recommended by a neighbor friend and is super nice.

Have a great day!!! I have to redo my background in the class–just a little change and then it should be approved and I can move on. Yay! I have 5 more to do, but I’ve done all of them already, sooooo…..


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