Wolf Fever 10th Anniversary Release Up Next!

I turned in Dreaming of the Wolf 10th Anniversary edits, yay! And immediately got The Wolf Wears Plaid edits. lol

But next Tuesday Wolf Fever 10th Anniversary release comes out, so I was working on the video trailer and I was editing Cougar Christmas Calamity.

My granddaughter gave me her cold, so I’m feeling under the weather. I’m going to try and get plenty of fluids and rest so I’ll feel better by Thanksgiving. After picking her up from daycare yesterday, I won’t be taking care of her until the week following Thanksgiving–though Momma said I could take her overnight if I wanted–lol–no. Not when I feel this bad and I have another deadline to take care of it. It’s easy, final read for proofing on the Highland wolf, so no problem. Little one was so cute. She didn’t want to go to a birthday party at the daycare because she wanted to come home with Grandma. She really is a sweetie.

So when I was trying to work on Wolf Fever’s video, I’d just finished edits on Dreaming of the Wolf, set in the summer in Colorado. I was thinking flowers, butterflies. Whoops, wrong book. I had the right story line for Wolf Fever, wrong season. Fall? Was it fall? Nope, spring, so it was still cold at night and in the mornings. I have to look up temperatures for an area I write about because for me, Spring–like Feb/March, we have flowers, then flowers all summer long through the fall, and it’s warm, stormy sometimes, but it’s not the same in Colorado. Then I’m working on Cougar Christmas and it’s cold, winter, snow, Christmas, North Shore. No wonder I get confused about the seasons in a particular book.

I was out this morning, finally feeding the poor birds, found lots of monarch caterpillars on the milkweed, so took pictures of them, got rid of a bunch of milkweed bugs and took a picture of flowers flowering that had just been too hot in the summer and now are blooming again. One sunflower that is about 10 feet tall, or taller, finally bloomed! It’s from a seed carried by birds since I hadn’t planted any there.

I’m off to try and write. I only managed 300 words of my 2,000 on Cougar Christmas Calamity yesterday, just felt lousy. I feel the same way today. If I can’t write, I’ll start proofing the other book so I can turn it in before Thanksgiving.

Have a great day!!!


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