It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

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Haven’t I written this blog yet? lol

It’s been raining for the most of two days. I love it.

Whoops, got sidetracked again. I’ve been washing all my Christmas decorations of dust and proofing Wolf Wore Plaid, 75 pages to go, and trying to redo a futile picture for the art class. About to give up on it. For the fur class, the brushes are different, and give a different background brush look. So I’m trying to pass a background one from the other class, but had used one of my wolves for a drop-in subject, and it’s not painted in properly. Give me an overlay, and I’m good. lol

So when I tried to do the painting course and blending the wolf with the fur course brushes with the background, it screwed up the whole background for the assignment, and I don’t think it works anyway for even the fur course. We can’t have two review pictures up at the same time, even if I’m in two different courses. So I’ve never been able to get my fur pictures critiqued. And we have just a year, or we have to pay for the whole course again. No way. That’s why I’m frustrated.

But I’m off to work on the story some more. NEED to finish proofing Wolf, and I am turning in the hopeless wolf picture that I know will be rejected. And at this point, I’m shrugging. I’m not an artist. I love doing the artwork. She’s an artist and I’m sure she gets frustrated with those of us who “don’t get it.” Even though you’re not supposed to be able to draw a stick person and do this.

Truly, I have enough stress in my life from book deadlines. I don’t need it for doing artwork, when normally, I love creating pictures!

Have a super day!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

  1. Terry, please shoo some rain this way. I am having no luck with my rain dance in my short, big legged britches. Big smile

    • lol, we had 4″ and it’s still pouring!!! I’m surprised we’re not at flood warnings right now. I’d sure send some to you if I could! 🙂

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