Butterfly, Butterfly

The 2nd photo is the original I took walking along the cliffs of a beach in San Diego. I loved how the butterfly was white on white and how the background was perfectly blurred to set them off in-camera. The first version is the hand-painted version. I painted the background, flower, butterfly, then added some Heather the Painter overlays–veils and a high key overlay.

At 3:30, I was coughing my head off again and got up and was on the computer for about an hour, and then went back to bed and was thinking about Christmas Cougar Calamity. How come they had to stay on the North Shore for Christmas? And then, after trying to figure this out for weeks, I had it! Could I remember it?

I laid awake with scenes rolling through my head. Shoot! I had to write it down.

I needed to sleep. It was 5 am already and the dogs would want to go out soon. I wasn’t coughing.

I had to write it down because if I didn’t, I would forget it. The story won out. I wrote until 5:30, I think, and then I turned off the light and closed my eyes, thought about the story some more, drifted off, woke at 6, Max was stirring and fussing. But I was soooooo tired, so sunk into my pillow, not coughing and yes, I could have easily gotten up, but I suspected if I just stayed in bed, if I ignored the dogs, I might really sleep.

At 8:15, I woke. I was shocked. I knew I was tired after nights of not sleeping and I really needed that. I never sleep that late unless I’m sick. But the good news is I don’t have COVID-19, just a bad cold.

The bad news is, with the way our infection rates are going and hospitals are filling to capacity, no one is safe.

We had 5 inches of rain! I just brought in my basil plant. It’s supposed to be 30 degrees in the morning. I’ve never grown it before, not sure it will make it inside, but it’s potted with another plant that has to be indoors when it’s cold, so we shall see. At least, if it survives, it will be easy to reach to cut and use in meals! And my house has a hint of basil fragrance.

I turned in my proofing of The Wolf Wore Plaid yesterday.

Have a great day! I think we’re getting sun today. I’m off to write!


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