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Cuddle with Grandma?” I asked my three-year-old granddaughter when she woke from her nap. I had gotten up at 4:30, I lie down with her so she’ll nap, and first the phone rings, forgot to unplug it. It rings every time we lie down. Spam Caller. Then the doorbell rings. Package at the door.

So I sneaked away and got the package and began cleaning the house while she slept. I managed to do a few edits, but I was also fixing dinner for my daughter and son-in-law, so I really didn’t have hardly any time to type corrections when little one comes up to the edge of my chair and smiled up at me. Scaring me. lol

She immediately wanted in my lap and pulled a Christmas toddler blanket over hers and that’s when I asked, “Do you want to read a book, or just cuddle with Grandma?” She would get both if I read her a story. lol

“Just cuddle with Grandma.”

No matter what else I wanted to do, that’s the best feeling in the world because one day she’ll be too big or too old for nonsense like that, I hope not though, and there will be no more cuddling with Grandma. So I enjoy every bit of it while I can.

I’m off to take the dogs in to have their teeth cleaned and hope that Tanner isn’t missing any more when he comes home later today. I’m also Grandma for the day again, so after I drop them off, little one and I will have breakfast and then work on decorating a gingerbread house. We were too busy to do it yesterday!

Have a great day! Mine is bound to be busy!


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