Cougar in the Snowy Mist

I took the picture of the cougar and added a snowy background and layers.

Had to drop what I was doing yesterday and work on marketing for an anthology of 4 of the wolf novellas I’ve written for 10th anniversary releases. I did 3 of them, but the 4th one is for a novella I haven’t written yet. It isn’t due until March. It’ll come out in December of next year. I need to reread Silence of the Wolf to even figure out what story I can write that will fit with the earlier stories and not contradict later stories.

I’m still writing on Cougar Christmas and should be past 80K today on it. I still have a way to go on it.

It’s cold out and creating snowy pictures has been fun.

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Cougar in the Snowy Mist

  1. I’ve been hoping there would be a way to get the novellas without having to buy the books again! Yippee! Except, darn, the anthology doesn’t come out for a whole year! lol

    • I’m not sure when they’ll be out exactly. Silence of the Wolf 10th anniversary release isn’t due out until December, but the anthology might come out earlier. 🙂 And thanks!!!

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