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So I’ve given up on the Photoshop Oil Painting for a bit so I can have fun again with Photo Art. This is a cougar that I took a picture of at one of the zoos. It doesn’t take half the time and I love the results, using overlays to create the scene.

I finished another scene and some others I expanded on yesterday, and I began editing the book again from the beginning. Fifty pages done, 150 to go. So that’s a good start. I need to write another scene, maybe two, but I wanted to start editing also to see if there are other scenes in Cougar Christmas Calamity that need to be written.

Okay, I’m off to type changes before the day gets away from me.

Have fun!! And with COVID-19 cases soaring, stay safe!


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2 thoughts on “Photo Art

  1. Terry, I since I started using microsoft’s new browser it does not allow me to respond to this blog for some reason. Not even a “like”. I must open old browser, find email, and then it works. I have about spent my limit of time trying to adjust the new one. Just know that I still read and enjoy this blog and will get this situation corrected at some point. Maybe. I reckon. I hope. I have never been a fan of microsoft and these little issues do not help remedy that. Onward and upward!

    • Oh, ugh, Tom, what a pain!! I know when I go to work on blogs, or like my newsletters, they’re always changing things up–for the better–ha!! And it’s not for the better!!! 🙂 Hope you are staying safe! I’ve had others say the same thing about not being able to respond to the blog. So irritating!

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