Rearranging Stuff

I took the photo of the bird at one of the zoos.

I was cleaning out some things I don’t use and I’m giving a heavy dark pine chest/cabinet to my daughter for her baby’s room. Which means I need to reorganize stuff. It’s a challenge to empty a full chest and find a place for all the stuff so that it’s easy to get to and ORGANIZED. It’s happening!

They’re going to try and move it when my son is here so the two guys can take it to my daughter’s house. It’s super heavy.

But, I’d turned it into a semi-bookshelf for my granddaughter also, so I need to put her books somewhere else too.

And I’m trying to finish edits on the Cougar Christmas Calamity. I’m nearly to the end, looking good, just still need to write another scene and maybe expand on another, plus make all the corrections today.

Off to work, have a super great Monday!


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