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I’m late on blogging. I was trying to get this picture done, but also writing some final scenes in A Date with a Wolf–the novella for the 10th anniversary release of Silence of the Wolf coming out in December. I need to write one more scene, but I’m also doing a bunch of edits on it, then once that’s done, I need to read through it all over again. But, I’m going to work on White Wolf to get my 2,000 word count in on it today also. I already have 2240 words on A Date with a Wolf today. It’s nearly at 30K.

Once I’m “done” with it, I’ll let it sit for a day or so, and then reread it all the way through again and edit it again. Then I can turn it over to my beta readers. After more edits, I can turn it in to my publisher.

As soon as I’m through with edits, I’m going to write the last scene, fighting this little guy. I need to fight 6 more of him to finish the next quest.

Tomorrow, it’s back to business as usual. Except I’ll have little one back. So I’ll have to work on my story around the time she’s here.

It will be a busy year ahead, unless I get horribly sidetracked!

Hope you are having some fun in the new year! Have a great day!


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