I Love My Fans!

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One of my fans sent me an article about a white cougar, extremely rare, that was caught on video in Brazil. I’ll include it in an upcoming story.

So I managed 5000+ words yesterday, remembered to pick up my granddaughter at daycare and we took our regular walk. She tells me that Christmas is over–when she sees all the people’s decorations up still. lol

And someone left a water bottle on the ground. And someone let their dog poop on the sidewalk. We talked about her school, as we don’t call it daycare. New place where they wear masks and they actually do pre-school.

“We’re not supposed to talk,” she tells me every time. It’s school. It’s good that she’s learning that for when she goes to kindergarten.

“Did you read anything?”

“An animal book.”

“What kind of animals?”

“I don’t want to say.”

“Dogs, cats?”


“Farm animals? Cows, sheep?”

“No. Zoo animals. Bears, penguins and giraffes.”

“Oh, how neat!”

“Do you know any kid’s names?”

“No. But I knew the ones from my daycare.” She’s still sad about that, but she does love this one. They were working on planets last time. Now it’s oceans, so I need to work with her on the ocean theme when she’s with me.

I’m over halfway done on proofing A Date with a Wolf. Once I’m finished, I’ll send it to my beta readers and get to work on White Wolf. I’m still editing Primal Desire also, but need to get my word count in on the wolf book. 🙂

I’m off to do it. No more putting it off, yet, I need to get my tea first. lol

Have a great day!


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