Frozen Hibiscus

We had a hard frost awhile back when everything was blooming. We’re getting freezing temperatures coming up. Everything is already blooming.

I’m taking care of little one today, and need to write.

Have a peaceful day and stay safe.


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2 thoughts on “Frozen Hibiscus

  1. I and several of my family could not believe what we saw! Never did I expect to see Americans attacking our capital!! I am still shaken and scared at the thought. What is this country coming to! It is bad enough with this virus and has me worried about it. Have a friend that came down with it two days ago. He was in the Marines in Nam. It has already gone to pneumonia. He is the caretaker for his wife, who was also a Marine. Makes one want to go and hold our kids closer.

    • Exactly! And it’s ongoing. The virus is getting worse, the vaccinations are behind schedule, and still our government is doing nothing because of the crisis caused by our top leadership. It’s unreal. I pray for your friends and you and your family and hope they get through this.

      With as many deaths a day as we’re having–4,000 now–how can anyone say it’s not real? Shame on them.

      It’s just a world gone mad, and without good leadership–it’s uhm, yeah, just all a hoax. A woman whose son was dying of it continued to say it was just a hoax. Unreal.

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