Battling to Write

So I woke to having this idea about another story. I know. I know. Too many stories. But it was about the white cougar a fan had sent me , and so I had to write it, and I had to write on the new white wolf book to get my daily word count. I ended up with about 5200 words on White Wolf and 3300 on Saving the White Cougar. It’s going to be a novella so it will be around 27,000. And I was working on edits on Primal Desire.

Okay, so I’m getting a slow start this morning. I shouldn’t read the news. I had been thinking of the cougar story before I got up and I should have just started writing instead.

I know better. Often I’ll just check the news at night before I go to bed. Right. That’s a bad time to read it too. In fact, anytime is bad to read the news!!

Have a super great day and stay safe!


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