Black Bear

I took this picture of a black bear at the Waco zoo and added textures.

So last night, we had fun going to the Christmas lighted Houston Zoo. I wish we could have seen the animals too but we had a blast in any event. I took pictures of ducks before it got too dark.

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My battery on my camera died before I could take the dragon shots. This was on my phone. My son-in-law’s pictures for nighttime are much better than my Samsung’s. The worst part is I was wearing a mask and every time I went to take a photo with my camera, my viewer fogged up, plus I was having a time finding the focus ring using gloves. What can I say? I live in Texas. I don’t often have to wear gloves! But it was cold last night.

So not only is my granddaughter coming over for 5 hours while my daughter and SIL celebrate their anniversary, I’ve got edits on Jingle Bells Wolf to do. Ugh. So other writing will have to be put on hold. I had planned on writing all weekend.

One of my favorite photo spots because of the beautiful lights reflection

I’m off to try to get my day started anyway, before I’m detoured!

Have a great and safe day.


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