Interesting Duck

They had some of the most interesting ducks at the Japanese gardens in Houston. I hope to go back some time when we don’t have a pandemic to deal with!

I managed to edit A Date with a Wolf, need to read it through again and check over for any more mistakes and write a Letter to the Reader. I was thinking about it at 4 am this morning, not something I want to be doing at 4 am! I also managed to write 5,000 words on Saving the White Cougar. It’s at the halfway point on word count, yay!

After the big zoo trip the night before last, when little one came over for 5 1/2 hours, she was so tired. As soon as they got in that night, they said she woke from her car ride, it was 10, but she still wanted her regular routine, bath, book time, and so they sped it up. But it was still so late.

That meant, she just wanted to chill and watch stories when she was here yesterday and I could write. Yay!

I have edits that came in on Jingle Bells Wolf–don’t like the title, but what can I say?

And I hope to do that and get writing in. I normally can’t but with writing for words against monsters, I’m able to get a lot more done, and can still do lots more other stuff. Like comb out the dogs and watch movies.

I started a weird scifi series last night. Tanner is so matted from not combing him when my son was here, so I will need to keep working on it until he’s dematted. I love non-shedding breeds, but then the matting can be an issue.

All right, no more chitchat, got to get to writing–monsters to chase away, cougar battles to fight, Arctic wolf battles to fight, jingle bells wolves to edit… My day is full.

Have a great one!


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