I Wish I was Here

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On COVID-19, naturally, some vaccinations are going to the people with connections and money.

“Elite medical centers — at Harvard, Columbia, N.Y.U. and elsewhere — have inoculated employees and others who do not qualify for the initial round of coronavirus vaccinations. It’s an example of the effect of “cronyism and connections,” one expert said.”–New York Times

And money!

I still want to know why some people, who are saying this is all a hoax, are first in line for the vaccine?

This nightmare will end–eventually. I’m an optimist–my parents used to say that I could always look on the bright side of things no matter what was going on in our lives–and I still do–but events of this past year and this year make it harder to do.

But maybe the fact the vaccinations were created at sonic speed, and seem to be what the doctor ordered, cutting through some of the bureaucracy and red tape, was a good thing. In this case. If it works.

And maybe, if it works, and it’s a good thing, we can go back to work, to playing like we used to play, maskless, greeting people like we used to do on the street, stopping to talk, to be human and humane again.


Stay safe.


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One thought on “I Wish I was Here

  1. Lost a good friend Saturday night to the Covid. He was 83 and served 31 years in the Marines. What is worse is that he was the caregiver to his wife.

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