He looked like a little butterball. He was watching the birds on the feeders, waiting for his turn to fly down and get his fill. Added the Daily Texture painted floral branch to turn it into photo art.

I’ve got to run this morning! I need to ship off some books, one for an upcoming Valentine’s Day contest, two to beta readers who do such a wonderful job on finding so many of my typos!!! Names are my problem. Teri, Terry, Terri, Terrie. Now, of course, I wouldn’t misspell my own, but for characters in my stories, there’s a good bet if there are multiple spellings of the name, I will add them, and if they’re not typical name spellings, I will invent them. lol

Okay, off to try to write before I head out to the PO and grocery store. PO is not open yet, and I try to avoid the work and school crowd, but go before the stores are crowded.


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