Getting Overwhelmed

Trying to get a million things done today. I need to ship books and a bear tomorrow and get groceries. With little one here yesterday, didn’t get nearly as much as I wanted to write. I was working on a tax form I have to get out too. All the deadlines are just piling up and I hate feeling overwhelmed. Time to make lists.

I like to eat up the things in my freezer every once in a while, clean it out almost completely and start again, so I’m nearly at the point where I have no food!

It’s going to be 70 today, so another lovely walk day for my granddaughter and me. We were practicing adding numbers together. I always do that when she wants something to eat–like chicken sticks, then counts on her fingers how many she wants. So then I have her add the number she’s already eaten. It’s fun to add math to the equation when it doesn’t seem like you’re actually making them do math. lol

Have a great and safe day!

I’m off to try and get something more done.


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