Pretty Kitty

I took this photo at a writer’s retreat we had.

So I was working on writing my word count for White Wolf yesterday. I didn’t get any done yesterday, spending the whole day working on the cougar novella–5,000 words. It’s turning into a short novel. I still need more scenes. *sigh*

But I did add a prologue to White Wolf first thing this morning.

I need to pick up little one in a while. It’s nice and warm today, so I’ve been out doing some weeding. I need better tools that make it easier to weed!

Okay, I’m off to get back to cougar. I hope to finish it today, as far as writing the rest of the scenes. I spent a lot of yesterday editing it also. Then I’ll set it aside to try and figure where to go with white wolf and on the weekend try to finish reading white cougar one last time.

Then I’ll begin working on You Had Me at Cougar in the backdrop while finishing up white wolf. I only need 10,000 words on white wolf.

Have a great day!! Back to writing for me!


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