Lion in Spring

The lion photo is mine, taken at the Waco zoo. I used Daily Textures floral background for a fun fantasy feel.

I finished the hat and the paws on the one bear, but still need to sew it’s sash and sew it on. It would only take a few minutes, but I have to change out thread on the sewing machine and that takes a lot longer. Then I need to sew up the other bear and get to stuffing it. I might try to do that while little one is here. She loves to help me with things and so I can teach her how to make bears. Yeah, I know, she’s not even 4 yet, but she loves to do whatever I’m doing. Even cleaning!

Okay, I’m about ready to write for a few minutes before little one arrives.

Have a super day, but stay safe!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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