2 Lionesses

I took this picture at the zoo in Houston of the beautiful lionesses and turned it into art.

Another sleepless night in Seattle, only not in Seattle. I have had three nights in a row like that and I can’t sleep in either because I just can’t, or because little one is on her way. So I’m hoping I can sleep in tomorrow. I’m sure it has to do with being stressed about getting some stories done. I started working on the Christmas anthology story and wasn’t sure who, what, and where, and then I was working on some backstory in White Wolf and had it!

Rowdy Sanderson was a homicide detective in Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas, and he was in an earlier SEAL wolf book too. So he was in a jaguar book where he ended up joining the USF. He had strong suspicions that werewolves existed. And now that jaguar shifters do. He knows for sure about all of them. So what to do about a human who learns of their existence?

He ends up becoming a detective with the USF, United Shifter Force, and a USF story is what I had planned to write about in the Christmas anthology with a group of shifter authors. Not that we’re all shifters, mind you. Don’t want the truth to get out. *Ahem.*

So since I can’t seem to get back to old Rowdy, he can have his story in the novella. Perfect. Character who has surfaced in stories before. He wants to be a shifter. He wants to get the girl.

He said he preferred being a wolf. And truly, they do have the advantage of being able to melt into the background better than a jaguar.

Okay, so now I have to get ready for little one and I haven’t done anything I normally do to get ready. *sigh*

Have a great day!!!


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