Clouded Leopard

I took the picture of the clouded leopard at the Houston Zoo and added a different background texture. The cats are so pretty. I’d never seen one before. This was at Halloween time, so of course the pumpkin was for enrichment and fun for that time of year.

I couldn’t get little one down for a nap yesterday. Her dad was glad because he was hoping he could get her down easier at night time, but it doesn’t always work that way.

She tells me, “It’s morning time, not time for a nap.”

“No, it’s afternoon time, and time for a nap.”

“It’s light out.”

“Yes, and it’s light out when you take a nap at school.”

“We have to read books.”


“But we don’t have to lie down.”

I finally chased her to bed and then that worked, but it was the sleeping that didn’t work. *Sigh* Grandma gets a lot done while she’s sleeping!

I’m trying to decide if I should risk getting a haircut today. I haven’t had one in a year and a half. But I want to have my hair cut. It’s amazing how something as simple as a haircut could be a bad thing. A really bad thing. I know a lot of people who even believe in the virus, think it’s no big deal. But I was reading about a man who had been on life support for 10 days, and then thirty days in the hospital. How many of us can afford such a thing? And that’s just the cost in money. What about how it caused long-term effects on his health that he’s still trying to recover from just from having his body paralyzed for the procedure? And what if you’re one of the ones who just can’t live through the virus. And die.

Yeah, who would have ever thought deciding on having a haircut could be a life or death choice to make. Doesn’t that sound like a futuristic Dystopian world to you?

So I was reading that to add conflict to the story, think of what the worst thing could be that could happen to the character.

Yep. That’s what I was thinking.

I finished the Armstrong bear and plan to ship it off. I found a Mandalorian Monopoly game for my son for his birthday. We watched the 2nd season together. Walmart had a much better price on the game than Amazon did. I still have Plum Bear to finish, and I need to work on a baby bear for an order and a bear for my new grandson before he’s born.

I’m off to work on the stories before I ship off stuff and decide on the hair cut or not. Definitely, I need groceries.  I finally have a practically bare freezer, empty fridge, and the dog food is running out too.

Have a great day and hopefully, some day in the future, we won’t have to worry about doing mundane things that could now put our lives at risk!

Stay safe!


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