Sidewalks, Storms and a Scared Dog

You know how you see something and you just wonder–why?

When I moved to Spring, I looked at new homes that didn’t have sidewalks. All the other developments did. That was one thing I wanted. For years, I’ve lived in farm country and I finally have to live in a city, and I wanted sidewalks! Walking along the road in Crawford, or running two miles when I had to prepare for my Army pt test, was just dangerous! I was always afraid I was going to be hit by some terror tearing down the road, hurrying to get somewhere. I remember how my brother-in-law ended up getting run off a country road when he was in the Army, running for the same reason as I had to, and ended up breaking his ankle.

When I was a kid, I loved sidewalks. We made hopscotch with chalk, roller skated, walked, ran, biked, and went to the park about a mile away–walking on sidewalks. I remember them fondly. So when the Realtor was really pushing these homes without sidewalks, and how they were next to these really fancy-pants, expensive homes which would make my new home even more desirable at resale, I said, “Where are the sidewalks? All the new developments have them. But this one doesn’t.” So no, and it was a lot farther away from my daughter’s home. I couldn’t have walked to her place. There was no clubhouse there. No pool. No amenities. One little pond. Little.

Where I am now has several ponds within walking distance, fountains, trails all over. It’s a walker’s paradiseAnd water birds frequent the ponds so I love to take pictures of them. There’s even a lake that I could walk to. Two playgrounds, two pools.

And sidewalks.

So when I see moms pushing their infants around on the streets, I’m like why are you doing this?????

We have sidewalks!

And this was way before COVID so it’s not like they’re trying to avoid anyone. No one on the sidewalks anyway. The chance that someone would drive up over the grass to reach the sidewalk is much less likely than a car hitting someone walking a stroller on the street! And I see the same thing with people walking their kids on the street.

I want to point out the sidewalks and say–That’s for people to walk on. Streets are for vehicles.

If they don’t want to use sidewalks they should have bought in the residences that don’t want to pay the cost of putting them in in the first place. I noticed that they’ve extended our walkways along the main road to another development, and I’m hoping they do that all along the road until it reaches the businesses so people can get out and walk, get some exercise, abandon their cars, but walk safely all the way to the shopping centers.

Trails and sidewalks for a better tomorrow.

Okay, last night was storm night. I crate my dogs. Tanner loves it. He feels lost without going to his bed, and often he’ll go in there during the day. But Max wants to stay with me, so I let him. He didn’t want to go to bed last night, so I left him out. It was as if he knew a storm was coming. Before I even heard thunder, he was having a fit, so I put him in his bed and covered it with a blanket finally and he settled down. Finally. It was awful. Thunder, pouring rain. I like it, but he was terrified. And I couldn’t sleep because of either. *sigh*

So little one and I are going to have a long day, I’m afraid.

I had to call another electrician. Hopefully, this one will fix my circuit breaker issues! I have two different circuit breakers for the kitchen outlets and both keep tripping. I’m in the middle of slow cooking food and it cuts off, and I have no idea how long it’s been cooking. That happened to me twice yesterday. And it’s out again. The other guy didn’t do anything. Hopefully this guy will.

I’d had the same trouble with the washer/dryer circuit breaker, they changed it out–different electrician–and no more issues for 5 years. *sigh*

It’s time to get ready for the young-un’ to arrive. The temperature has dropped 30 degrees and I’m cold. But it’s going to get colder. Even a chance for a wintry mix. And Monday–30 degree high and 14 degree low, unheard of for the Houston area since I’ve been here!!! Brrr. Our homes and clothes and plants aren’t winter worthy for that kind of cold. At least little one and I had a long, long couple of walks yesterday!

Okay, I’m off to write! Have a super great day. And stay safe! I noticed in the news the Covid rates are going down because of vaccinations, mask wearing and social distancing. Keep up the good work!


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