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It’s Friday! TGIF! My granddaughter was having her Valentine’s party at school so that means grandma doesn’t have to pick her up and that means??? No errands to run, no going anywhere in the cold and that means writing, editing, writing, editing and maybe playing with a photo or two.

I need to move some scenes around in white wolf and that’s always a mini disaster because I always leave ghosts of Christmases past, or just bits and pieces of storyline that no longer are in the right place. I’ve also been changing names like crazy and that always gets me in trouble. But I had to because some were too similar to others. *sigh* And it’s hard for readers to keep up with all the names. But I will have missed some because though Find and Replace is my friend, I often slip when I’m writing a name that can be spelled differently, and miss those on Find and Replace. And I had the characters eating pizza 3 times in the story. I think I’ve been craving pizza!

I keep thinking the next story needs to be of two wolves stranded on a desert isle so there are just 2 names in the whole story. Just 2. I should be able to keep them straight then.

Have a great Friday and an even greater weekend!

Stay safe!


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