rural snowy village during severe blizzard
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It’s not really like that here, but it feels like it, minus the snow! It’s pretty, don’t you think? As long as you don’t have to be the one shoveling sidewalks.

It’s cold out! I know not like north cold but the polar vortex has slammed into us and is going to be around for a week. We usually don’t get much below 29 degrees. But it’s going to be 10 and we might have snow. The last time it got this cold in the Houston area was back in 1989.

I always try to get plants that can survive around -10, but I do have some tropical hibiscus and other plants that are more vulnerable below freezing. I remember years ago that my mother lost all her oleanders to a hard freeze. I lost evergreen shrubs in Oklahoma that were 27 years old to a frigid cold snap.

So fingers crossed I won’t lose a lot of vegetation over this. I tend to believe if I try something and it doesn’t work for all my weird weather–too much rain, not enough rain, way too hot, way too cold, it doesn’t belong in the garden. The problem is the weeds do great in every kind of weather. lol

Hope you all have great plans for the weekend!

I’m working on edits on Saving the White Cougar and Primal Desire and I think I might rework the opening of White Wolf since I need more of a dramatic plot situation. And I’m up to 20K+ on Angel Fae.

Okay, it’s time to get to work!

Hope you all have a lovely day! I’m going to try and stay warm!


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