Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My sweet little granddaughter brought me a chocolate bear holding a heart for Valentine’s and I told her sharing was–

And she responded with… “caring!”

And so that’s what I did. After lunch, we shared just a piece of it, and next week we will have some more. She had wanted the whole heart. She would have been on a sugar high. No way. lol

So we got our hugs in, though we do all the time anyway. I hugged her for giving me the Valentine’s chocolate and she gave me a hug for sharing it with her.

Everyone needs hugs.

Years ago, we had a friend who said that his parents were both alcoholics, and so was he. He said the best memories he had was getting a hug from an aunt, because there was no love in his family. His father was extremely abusive.

My dad had horrible parents too–and his favorite memory was of sleeping with his grandmother and cousin in her big bed in winter in an old farmhouse where the two little boys had been dumped. He was mostly in orphanages with his sister, three years older than him, and they couldn’t even touch each other through the fence or they would be whipped. So he remembered how cuddling with his grandmother was one of his greatest joys. My dad was a great hugger.

So even if you don’t have anything else to give, offer a smile and a hug. Show someone you really do care. Share the love.

And speaking of which–distance, wear a mask, and when we can finally get one, vaccinate so sharing won’t mean giving someone a deadly virus!

And Happy Valentine’s Day the whole wide world ’round! Stay safe!


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