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I’m so excited! I know to go by gut extinct and something was totally off on the story. The story is there–for White Wolf–but I was taking it in a different direction and there was no real conflict. I was thinking I’d have to write the WHOLE book, starting from scratch, and the time is ticking away. Not only do I have an April 1st deadline, but a new grandbaby coming–a drive-thru baby shower to host (hope it warms up by then), and a birthday party (family only) for my granddaughter to attend. We’re going to the zoo while the kids are in school and we’ll be wearing masks. But I started rethinking the beginning of the book, and then, voila! I had it, by jove! It was there all the time, but I just had to take a different direction to start the book.

Yesterday, I ended up writing 8200 words in the book. I removed the prologue, though if it were an indie book, I’d leave it, but so that my editor doesn’t take it out, I removed it.

So I’m at 84K on the book. I normally have to have a minimum of 80K, and I’m still writing the opening–another 400 words this morning in a few minutes, which makes the book 85K now. And I’m still writing the new beginning and I am excited about it. But I’m going to have to do a lot of rewrites to the rest of the book. And that’s okay. It’s easier to work with something that is there than something that is not. A lot of the scenes I love. I just needed to start with a different opening and now rewrite them to fit with the new opening.

It’s great. I love it. I hope my readers do too!

Have a super great day and I hope I can really make a dent in the rewrites in the next few days. I need to finish this baby up in the next few days.


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