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  1. Hi Terry,

    Just wanted you to know that I saw your “Test Post” in my email a few minutes ago. I hope you an your family are staying safe. Eighteen Hours without power is a long time when it is cold. Living in New England, we have dealt with that before; and I know it is not fun!!!

    Take Care, and thank you so much for all of your Posts. I thoroughly enjoy hearing about your daily plans. I am also in awe that you accomplish so much in just one day!!! Of course, I’m glad you do because I always look forward to your book release and seeing your latest artwork whether it be one of your Awesome Bears of a Photograph:-)

    • Hey, Cathy, I found all these in my spam/pending folder! Sorry about that!!! We had such a mild winter this time, it was very much appreciated. Thanks on the artwork and photography! My editors give me a hard time because my characters do so much in a day–but they’re just like me. lol 🙂

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