Freezing Rain and Finally Electricity in Texas

Tried to blog and nothing would work, so had to get on a technical chat this morning. Finally working!

May be a closeup of nature and tree
Freezing rain, snow on the ground, electric out

After 15 hours of no electricity, we finally got it back. I had just gotten up and was about to write my blog when it went out. I’m hoping it doesn’t go out again, but this time I’m getting my hot tea first thing.

We had freezing temperatures all day and freezing rain. We put our food that needed to be refrigerated outside, and bundled up inside. Our phones were dying. I still had 20% on mine, but I couldn’t call to tell my daughter I had D batteries she needed, or matches. It wouldn’t let me email anyone either. For a little while, I could do FB chat messages and then I no longer was able to do that either.

My son called from Omaha, but the calls wouldn’t go through. He finally got through to my daughter and they drove over, the roads fine. She brought me an extra lantern. I gave her the batteries and matches.

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At least we had water and after using a heater to warm up under the kitchen sink for 3 hours yesterday, the pipes unfroze. Hopefully they didn’t crack. My daughter and her family had a time getting their garage door open manually because the opener thingy was bent so they had to use a sledge hammer on it, just to get their car out of the garage and drive over. And he sat in his car for a while, charging up all our phones. I still only had 24%, but at least I was able to send a couple of messages.

I wrote, cut, pasted, rewrote sections of White Wolf for 7 hours on my laptop. The length of how long my battery would last on the laptop. I think it had a half hour to go, and then I gave up on it.

I went to bed at 7:30, too dark to do anything else, and at 9:30, the electric finally came back on. As soon as it did, I was plugging in my laptop, making sure my phone was charging, and working on the story some more, saving it to my main PC so I wouldn’t lose it, and I don’t want to go to bed. It’s 11:30 and I want to write and work on this through the night. Just in case we lose our electricity again. lol

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In the Dark with dogs, keeping warm and working on White Wolf

In any event, we’re electrified again!

I was so annoyed when I heard some woman say she wasn’t going to lower her heat–she keeps it at 74 year round, when they asked people to please reduce electric usage so we wouldn’t lose our electricity. She said she refused to wear a ton of clothes when she was inside her home. Well, I hope she was happy with no electricity at all then.

I knew as soon as they asked people to please cut down electric usage, we would have people like her saying no one was going to tell them what they could do. I watch a lot of apocalyptic survival stories and she’s one of the people who would be a problem. lol You think in bad situations people wouldn’t act like that, but they do.


So we’re good for the moment, hope it stays that way, I think I feel a story coming on, and I hope everyone who has been experiencing power outages has theirs returned soon. It’s amazing what you can’t do without electric. It was really too dark to even write by hand by the time my laptop was out of battery power.

Have a great one! And stay safe!!!


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