2021 Was Supposed to Get Better!

I’m a long ways from finishing White Wolf but I’m getting closer. 🙂 It’s been a job with changing out the whole new beginning, and I’ve deleted some scenes, added a ton more and I definitely like the story better. Minimum word count is 80K, I’m  now at 96K, and I’m sure I’ll be deleting more, just not sure what to take out and what to keep. I still need to write more.

I don’t often include the bad guy’s POV in the book, but in this case I did because I did in the original story he was in. And because it adds more conflict.

Dove and Snow and Ice

We still have freezing temperatures, still have some snow on the ground. Electricity has stayed on. Thank God! Because of the screw up by so many concerning the electric grid failures across much of Texas, the word is getting out that for 2 days–or more, electric customers will be charged $400 per day. Like everybody can afford that, right?

So we can thank those who, as usual, are making the big bucks and failing do to what they should have done to prevent this from occurring in the first place. Heads should roll, comes to mind. And when we have a crisis this bad–people are still without electric, some counties are on boil water orders–with no electric, how is that possible?–more pipes will burst without electric–some people are without water, plumbers are stretched to the max, and we haven’t even thawed out to see how bad it will be, we should all just head to Cancun, right?


The New York Times states: “The number of confirmed Covid deaths in the U.S. is on pace to exceed 500,000 in the next few days.

Yet the alarmism continues. And now we are seeing its real-world costs: Many people don’t want to get the vaccine partly because it sounds so ineffectual.

About one-third of members of the U.S. military have declined vaccine shots. When shots first became available to Ohio nursing-home workers, about 60 percent said no. Some N.B.A. stars are wary of appearing in public-services ads encouraging vaccination.

Nationwide, nearly half of Americans would refuse a shot if offered one immediately, polls suggest. Vaccination skepticism is even higher among Black and Hispanic people, white people without a college degree, registered Republicans and lower-income households.” The New York Times

hands with latex gloves holding a globe with a face mask
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Why? It’s safe, it’s effective. It reduces the downtime of being sick if you get Covid. We need to dumb down the rhetoric. With all the high-fluting medical jargon, people aren’t getting the right message. And more people are going to die from it. I don’t understand it, but hey, what do I know?

Put it this way–if everyone gets the vaccine, maybe we can open businesses up again??? Maybe no masks after the 2nd dose and the time waited for it to be effective, right? Anyway, I can’t worry about people not taking care of themselves. I just have to worry about doing what’s right for my characters in my books. Would they take the vaccine? You’d better believe it.

I saw a post that said:

2020: The Year in Hell

2021: The Year Hell Froze Over

Okay, I’m back to the book, living in the wonderful world of fantasy where we have a happily ever after!

Have a super great day and stay safe!!


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