Junco in Snow and Ice

My friend in Minnesota tells me that when the Junco arrives, it means snow is coming. Well, it sure worked here in Texas too.

We still have snow on the ground, still freezing temperatures through the night and this morning. When I saw how many people died at home due to hypothermia because of the week-long hard freeze we had and no electricity, it made me wonder how cold it had to be to get it. The horrible fact is that none of those people had to die.

Apparently, there are no hard and fast rules.

Today we will get to 58, and perversely, 70 tomorrow.

I heard someone say that Texas never gets snow. Sure we do. I’ve been in snowstorms in Amarillo, whiteout conditions trying to drive home to Canyon from work in Amarillo. I’ve slid all over the black ice roads trying to get to Fort Hood in an ice storm along with countless others when they didn’t close the fort early enough. In Crawford, I have pictures of the number of times we had snow, both at my home and later when I lived at my mother’s. In Houston, I’ve only lived here for six years, and we’ve had snow for 3 of those years. My pipes froze in Crawford a couple of times. My pipes froze here. I’ve been stuck in Dallas during a snowstorm and couldn’t get a flight out.

So yes, we do get cold weather. It doesn’t last this long–a week of way below freezing temperatures down to 10 degrees, but yes, we can get freezing temperatures, snow, and sleet.

And even if we don’t get it very often or for very long, there shouldn’t be any reason why we had to go through what we did this week and for people to die because of it.

Okay, I’ve got to get to work on this book. It’s nearly at 100K, I thought I was cutting some out! At least I’m writing about summer. Heat, paddling, swimming. I should be writing my Christmas book!

Have a super great day!!! And stay safe!


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