Pelican and Sailboat in San Diego

I feel like a broken record. Still working on the White Wolf book rewrites. I came to the end of the book, found a scene that I had moved around and around and it belongs earlier in the book, so trying to figure out where to put it now. lol Okay, finally found its home. Still need a more finished ending to the story though. Will work on that until I have to pick up little one today.

I used Oscraps border, but took the picture of the pelican in flight and the sailboat in the background in San Diego some years ago.

In the meantime, I read where some people in Texas were getting humongous electric bills. Not just what I had heard via the grapevine before but some Texans received electric bills amounting to $17,000. Forget paying the mortgage, car payments, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance–taxes!, other bills, for food, gas, or whatever else you need to live on during the month because all your money, and the loan you’re going to have to take out will have to pay for the electric bill. Is that nuts, or what?

Like I said before, heads should roll over this whole fiasco. Now some are saying that the government is going to help people like that out who were charged such high bills. Well, thank you very much, but why is this even happening in the first place? And what does helping customers out mean in real terms? That their normal $200+ bill would still be a $200+ bill, or they might have to still pay a couple of thousand?

We have plenty of sun and wind in the state, but the powers that be want to keep their money in the fossil fuels which means Texas is literally screwed. Well, except for those who reap the benefits of profits from fossil fuels. Will someone please step forward who is truly for the PEOPLE and progress?

My electric bill comes due in a few days and I’m hoping I won’t have any heart attack surprises like that too. It didn’t look like it when I looked at my account, but who knows, right? None of these people knew they were going to get that kind of a bill either.

I really, really, really believe this year will get better. Sometime. Some day. Hopefully sooner than later!

I have faith. Unless I end up with a $17,000 electric bill.

Have a beautiful day and stay safe!


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