Sometimes You Need a Good Howl!

Some days don’t you feel you just need to howl? Picture created with Oscraps and other clip art. Sometimes we get ourselves into a tight spot. Here’s hoping we can come out of it in good shape!

Yay! So I’m over halfway through proofing Primal Desire! I think I finished White Wolf yesterday. I did all the last of the major rewrites and added scenes. I have to re-read it from beginning to end and there might be some changes still needed, but I have to give it a couple of days’ break so I can look at if with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, I’m now proofing Primal Desire one last time and then I’ll be getting it ready to publish. I’ll be doing the same with Saving the White Cougar, but that one will be a preorder. So as soon as I finish proofing Primal Desire, I’ll begin proofing Saving the White Cougar one last time. I need to create a cover for that and that means finding a good cougar photo to add to my couple, and turn it white. 🙂

All this means no word count for a bit, though I will try to get some done for my 4theword game so I can keep my writing streak going. Even my blogs can count for that. And I need to write some promo blogs for Primal Desire, so I can work on them on 4thewords too.

I didn’t have to pick up little one yesterday and that helped because about by three, I had finally finished White Wolf and jumped on Primal Desire proofing.

The snow and ice are over–for now, so I’m back to weeding.

Hope you all have a great day! I’ve got to get back to proofing Primal Desire so I can publish it. This book was 10 years in coming, and periodically I would work on it. So now, it’s nearly done. Yay!


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