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Yesterday was a good day. It actually was 80 degrees today, and we went outside and enjoyed the nice weather and took a walk.

So since my granddaughter’s parents and I are always on computers, I wanted to show my granddaughter how to find the letters and type the ABCs. We did capital and lowercase letters and when she held her finger down too long on a letter, she learned to use the backspace key and to use the enter key to skip to the next line.

It was good because even though she knows her alphabet–can sing it, knows the letters to see them, if she’s not singing it, she doesn’t know what comes next. So when it was time to type a new letter, she would sing the beginning of the song and eventually near the end she knew all the rest of the letters.

So then we did the same thing with numbers. For numbers, when she reaches 10, she always gets confused and says zero one. She can count to a hundred, but always has trouble with the transition when she reaches the next 10–20, 30. So by having her actually type the number each time, it was sinking in a little more about the number twelve having a 1 and then a 2 and so on. We draw numbers too, but I think this will help to reinforce it in a way that’s fun because no one will let her touch their keyboards. It’s just something different. Eventually, I can teach her how to type. I had special games my daughter used to learn to type and she really had fun doing them. Not like when I was back in school. And they didn’t have those kinds of games when my son was my daughter’s age.

The problem with my keyboard is I have some missing letters since I wear them off writing stories. So I have to tell her what the missing letters are. lol

I think it’s fun coming up with different ways to teach kids things. It keeps them interested in learning when they get bored with it.

Ironically, some kids had written the whole alphabet across their driveway in chalk, and when she and I took our walk, she had to go along and say each of the letters and then do them again, just for fun. It was so cute and a fun reinforcement again of her capital letters.  We might end up doing that too, just take the chalk out and draw. It’s supposed to rain on and off all week, so we’ll see.

I finished up the promo blogs to send to my publisher, and I’m over halfway through proofing Saving the White Cougar. I’m hoping I can spend Friday getting both that book and Primal Desire ready to publish, though I still need to work on the cover for cougar. I need a white cougar. They’re so rare, I can’t buy a photography, so I was watching Youtube videos on how to turn a color of something white. I bought a photo of the couple, and next need to turn it into a fall/Halloween setting because it’s supposed to be a Halloween book.

Today I have my granddaughter and sometime before she comes and after she leaves and while she’s napping, I’ll try to finish up the rest of proofing Saving the White Cougar.

I also began working on setting up the first of the 17 titles of the audiobooks on Findaway Voices–that will take some time and concentration, so I have one more than halfway done. Those will be available through a wide variety of sources then, and through libraries too.

I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow–desperately. My SIL said that a lot of foods weren’t available in some of the aisles, most likely because deliveries couldn’t be made on Saturday. I was too busy working on White Wolf on Monday and Tuesday to get the groceries. With Covid, I don’t take my granddaughter anywhere.. So I hope when I go, I’ll be able to get what I need.

Hope you all have a lovely day. It’s supposed to be rainy here, which is fine with me!


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