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I’m so excited! I finished proofing Saving the White Cougar and created the cover for it. That’s for ebook. I need to work on the print cover next. And I finished proofing Primal Desire the other day, so now I just need to get them ready for publication. I sent off the copyrights for both last night. So this was what I planned. Friday, I’d get them ready for publication. And then after that, I could sit down and start proofing White Wolf next.

Then I get a message that I need to proof Dreaming of the Wolf–10th Anniversary release, and write up the marketing materials for White Wolf.

I think everyone’s conspiring against me. lol

The marketing materials are due on Monday, so I need to get them done this weekend. And I’ll begin proofing Dreaming maybe this weekend. Maybe I’ll proof white wolf first so it will help me with writing the long synopsis for the marketing materials. I think that’s the hardest part. Trying to hit all the major plot points in a long synopsis for a 100K book. I’ve read two other books all the way through since I finished writing White Wolf. And as they say, I’ve slept since then. So what was the story about?l

But I HAVE to get groceries first thing. I ran out of milk even while little one was here yesterday. And I’m out of everything practically but dog food. As soon as I told her I was out of milk, she asked, “Did you put milk and yogurt on the list, Grandma?”

I should tell her no, but she can. And I should have made it a learning experience.

She’s so funny. She’ll say something and then say, “Well, actually…… ” And then end it with, “Actually.” lol I wonder who she gets that from? Me or her mom? Maybe both of us. 

I am working on You Had Me at Cougar after all the other stuff, and I’m thinking about the next Billionaire book. I see the heroine rescuing the hero. I loved the princess and prince stories when I was young, but I always thought they should have helped save the day too. Not just being damsels in distress. Well, scratch that. They are also in distress. No fun if they aren’t. But so are the heroes.

I’m off to the grocery store. And then proofing or writing or something!

Have a great day!!


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