Books Released and Drive-Thru Baby Shower was Fun

So I was working on print covers and publishing both Saving the White Cougar, preorder for September 1st release, and Primal Desire is out. I need to grab all the links as soon as they’re available.

Stella White never believed that going on a cougar run would be such a dangerous excursion, painful, punishing, and pleasurable in the end. She realized that sometimes she just needed to get through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff and that meant meeting Ted Weekum, ranch foreman, and the kind of cowboy she’d only dreamed of.

Ted Weekum was visiting with his brother at the ranch when he thought he saw a white flash of fur, but it wasn’t until hunters started shooting up the place, claiming they’d shot a white cougar did the notion sink in that the cougar could be one of their own shifter kind. But a white cougar? Unheard of. And yet when he went to save her life—that’s exactly what he found. A rare white cougar. Unclaimed. Unmated. The right age. The stars had aligned right that night.

But the hunters aren’t through with hunting down the wounded white cougar, or Stella White.


On the one had, I wanted to work some more on proofing Dreaming of the Wolf, so I could get that done and turned in. Such a fun story. On the other hand, I wanted to feel that the weeks I have worked on the other two books counted for something and are finally available to readers. Primal Desire has been in the making for 10 years, so it really felt good to get that one done.

Primal Desire

Selena Townsend has no idea what will happen after she kills a fellow hunter while protecting an innocent vampiress. She’s ostracized, but acquitted of charges against her, but now she’s looking for her sister who has disappeared. That mission takes her to a vampire club and all kinds of trouble.

Atreides has been in charge of the vampire clans, while his brother is off on a honeymoon with his new mate. He doesn’t expect a huntress to walk into one of their vampire clubs, which is just not done, and then return later after being savagely attacked by a vampire. He has to take care of her before the League of Hunters learns of it, and then he wants to pawn her off on the hunters who can protect her pronto! But he finds he really doesn’t want to give her up after all.

War between the hunters and the vampires could break out any moment unless they find the rogue hunters who are killing innocent vampiresses and the vampire who had attacked Selena and other huntresses at the same time—and terminate the rogues.


As I updated my list in the back of the books, I noticed the poor little fantasy book that has been listed for years as TBD–meaning the date To Be Determined–the Emerald Isle of Mists. It’s part of a fantasy trilogy and when I wrote the first two, I couldn’t get them picked up by a publisher, so I finally gave up and didn’t write the 3rd book. That was way before self-publishing was even possible. Then I self-published the other two, and I still need to write this one. I’d love to get that done this year too. But it’s only just been started. And I’d love to have another polar bear shifter book out. *sigh*

We had a nice baby shower drive-thru and gave out candy and bubbles and bottled water. And several friends gave diapers–always needed! And hand-me-downs, which is great and my daughter asked for them. She gave all her adorable girl baby clothes to my son, in case they have a girl. It really helps since the kids grow out of their clothes so fast and don’t wear them out.

Everyone wore masks and it was good to see the little ones who have aged a year and they hadn’t been able to see them, including the baby that my daughter and son-in-law went to their drive-thru baby shower for so it was the first time they saw the baby.

It will be good in the future when people can feel free to enjoy being around other people without worrying about getting deathly sick over it.

Onward and upward, lots of stuff needing my attention! So I’m off to do something! Proofing Dreaming of the Wolf first, I think.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Have a super great day!!!


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