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I finished proofing Dreaming of the Wolf and the novella in the 10th anniversary release. I love proofing books, hoping I catch anything the editors didn’t, glad they caught stuff at the end that none of us had. It’s my final say in any of this. I’m thrilled to finish it, but it’s been fun to read this story again. I don’t have time to reread all my books over again, after initially reading them so many times–changing this and that–until my eyes cross. But when they’re at the proofing stage, it’s great because I’m reading it for enjoyment too. But this book had been written ten years ago, and so it’s enjoyable revisiting the earlier books too.

In Dreaming of the Wolf, Alicia Greiston witnesses, or shoots a couple of bad guys in self-defense. She’s a bounty hunter after a couple of men who murdered her mother and she’s trying to learn who her father was. She’s been wanted for questioning all over the state of Colorado. Trying to keep the wolf issues out of the equation is tantamount. Yet, she’d bitten one guy too, and left evidence behind. Wolves shed. And if someone does DNA on saliva, they can determine if it’s a dog or a wolf. They had done that in the case of a farmer’s sheep that were being killed by a “wolf,” only to learn from DNA that the culprits had been dogs.

I read tons of mysteries while growing up, and I love writing them. Throw a newly turned wolf into the setup, a romance, and it’s a perfection situation for disaster.

So I turned it in and now I’m working on edits on White Wolf Moon. I’m up to chapter 10, but I have 18 more chapters to go!

I took a lot of pictures of families in masks for the baby shower and sent those to my daughter. But I’d like do to some more fun photo art. Just have had my nose to the grindstone on the books.I’m down to proofing 3 books now. And then once all three of those are done, I’m back to the world of writing. Billionaire Wolf is next on the schedule of deadline books and the USF Christmas Wolf story and You Had Me at Cougar.

“Then she crept through the woods with great elf stealth. She’d seen the golden eyes of wolves peering at her through the darkness, a darkness she could see in just as well as them. She heard an owl hooting high above in a pine tree, warning there was a new danger on the prowl. Her, of course. Not a danger to the owls in the woods, but to the elves who would keep a princess locked in a tower.”–Warrior Elf

I’m working on Warrior Elf also, when I get stuck on the other books. 🙂

Okay, enough chit-chat, got to get back to proofing. Have a lovely day!


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