Chilling Chimpanzee Photo Art

Sometimes a model comes over to pose for pictures for me. Rarely. But when it happens, it’s just like a magical moment. This little chimpanzee was so cute, came over and sat on the ribbon of canvas hammock and posed just for me. Often, I get animal’s backsides, so this was really fun. He even looked at me for the camera and gave me a stoic expression, trying to appear poised, maybe there’s even a hint of a smile. It’s amazing how easily they balance themselves. I’ve seen three bear cubs in a video trying to climb onto a hammock and how funny that was, up and over, flipped, but they never gave up until the momma bear made them. Even humans can be pretty unbalanced when trying to sit on a hammock in an elegant way. 

We have rain all day today, and a lot of tomorrow. I love the rain. I see a lot of greenery where things had died back. But I think the beautiful impatients my daughter got me for mother’s day a couple of years ago are dead. Though I keep watching to see if they’ll come back to life. They were so pretty all through the winters, managed the droughts, the heat, but that Arctic freeze really did a job on them.

I noticed the crepe myrtle that was leafing out before the awful freeze has leafed out again. I seriously need to weed though. I think the Ice Age encouraged weed growth! Actually, I think everything encourages weed growth. I’ve been working at it daily, but it’s not enough. I try to just pull weeds and not use any weed killer. I’m afraid if I use weed killer, I’ll just manage to kill off the good stuff.

Well, I’m a bit stuck on Billionaire. *sigh* Hate when that happens! I’m stuck on You Had Me at Cougar too. Sometimes I’ll alternate between books to get an idea for the other one. Watching TV. Doing research. None of it helps. Anyway, like my friend says, it will come to me if I don’t try to force it. It doesn’t mean I can sit back and wait for an idea to move me though. I could sit here for years doing nothing. lol

I will be glad when things get back to normal. Or back to more normal. It was such a horrible year last year and this year is different for all of us too. I kept trying to get scheduled for the vaccine and finally managed this morning after trying late into the night. The 2nd dose will be close to when my daughter has her baby, so hoping that it all works out one way or another. I spent a lot of yesterday trying to get scheduled for the vaccine and making tons of calls about other stuff, so I think that’s why I was having so much difficulty trying to concentrate on the book.

I was going to make an appointment to drop off my tax work to be finalized and I had to shove it under the door of the office. See when I say that I will be glad when things are more normal?

I feel like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind–I will put it off until tomorrow, when I’m not usually that way. Well, about dusting, yes, but about important stuff, I try to do it early. But because of current circumstances, I’m putting off something I planned to try and get done this week to May. I have the best of reasons, though I would love to just get it over with. Still, it’s nice putting it off too. lol

The problem with putting things off is that other stuff starts to stack on top of it. I’ve got to approve the cover for one of my upcoming releases today. That’s an easy thing! And otherwise, it’s time to really start writing a bunch of words on a couple of books. Yay! The fun stuff!

Hope you all have great day! Mine will be great! It’s already great! Be safe!


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