Big Cat Photo Art

I think this is an ocelot, but not sure. They had a lot of pens for ocelots, but this one looked so big it didn’t seem like it was one.

Okay, I figure if I can keep on track, I’ll have 80K on Billionaire by the end of April. We’ll see. A lot has to do with if I don’t get stuck on what to write. I have 15K so far.

It was rainy yesterday, but I didn’t hear any real thunder like I thought we would have.  Now it looks like we’re going to have rain for the next couple of days. When it rains, I don’t feel guilty about not getting out and weeding.

I was watching a healing series–and it’s funny. I watch different things to see what might help with my writing, and sometimes they give me an idea–it’s funny because the healers are having issues with each other like the people who need to be healed, when they’re supposed to have it all together and help heal those who need healing.

There’s a wife who can’t decide if she wants to stay with her husband. The husband couldn’t join her and all of a sudden, he shows up. I mean is all this staged or what? So then they’ve got a bunch of gossips in the group, the biggest, a mother and daughter team who don’t get along. Lots of extra drama, right?

So one of the healers said that men should be allowed to melt into real men. lol So just remember that.

They say they have opened up the COVID vaccination for 50-64 year olds today, but they haven’t. Maybe I should just go back to bed and start all over. lol

Anyway, today, is a madhouse day. I’ve got a lot of  stuff to do, but I still need to write. So I’m  off to do it. Though I’m going to think about men melting into real men too.

Hope you all have a lovely day! 


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