Orange Orangutan Photo Art

I was super lucky when I went to take pictures at the zoo the other day. The two orangutans were on the move and then this one climbed up onto the tree branches and posed for me. Just beautiful! Sometimes I get lucky! Rarely, but sometimes.
Woohoo, turned in White Wolf Moon, worked on more of Billionaire and I was working on the dreaded taxes. And finished them yesterday too! 

Then my dogs were chasing another dog on the other side of the fence, and they got their paws all muddy yesterday. So I scooped them both up, and took them to the bathroom and gave them both a bath in the tub. Then they got to go to bed to dry off after I towel dried them. They won’t let me hair blow their hair. Too noisy. And I don’t blame them. So once they had lunch, I took them outside and miracle of miracles, they both behaved themselves.

No even looking for the other dogs when they went out. Yay! In fact, while I was cutting back dead fern fronds, they were staying close to me and just chilling. Maybe I cured them of racing to the fence and then barking at the other dog, running the length of it. I just need to take them inside if they do it again, and give them a bath. lol Well, we’ll see how long that works. I suspect, not long, unless I repeat it several times and they finally get a clue.

We have thunderstorms coming in this afternoon and the temperature dropped to 49. That looks like the lowest we’re going to have from now on. Which means, maybe I can get some flowers. Things are slowly starting come back. But I suspect the palm trees people had are not going to come back. And the oleanders might not either, unless they come up from the roots.

I need to cut my dead ornamental grass back too before all the new green sprouts come out. Usually none of this stuff dies in winter. Even the ferns would remain green. But I see life everywhere. And I even saw an early yellow swallowtail flying around the other day when there are hardly any flowers out, poor little butterfly. Normally we would have tons out already.

I worked on edits again on Billionaire yesterday, need to plan my word goals to reach to get this book done by July 1st.

They’ve expanded vaccinations to more of the population starting Monday, so I’m going to try and get one scheduled. And have a ton of other things I need to do on Monday. My list is growing, but I’m also determined to write a lot.  I’ll also be alternating between that one and You Had Me at Cougar, when I get stuck on Billionaire.

And I guess that’s it!

Have a super, beautiful day! I’m looking forward to the rain, just hope the electricity doesn’t go out. I have too much to do!


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