Little Feet and Big Feet

The gorilla’s paw print and a nearly 4 year old’s feet.

We had a great time at the zoo for my granddaughter’s birthday. People wore masks, and it wasn’t crowded. They sell only so many tickets for the hour, and we went when it first opened. We ate lunch at eleven before the crowds really hit. They had sanitizer everywhere and we used it. Some of the exhibits aren’t open until we have normalcy again.  Like the butterfly exhibit. They also weren’t doing any of the shows they normally do, like working with the seals, because they don’t want to draw packed crowds. I’m glad for it. No visits to the bird sanctuary either, which is fun to do. I’ll be so glad when we can do things like that again!

We had a lovely day. It was warm, then hot–82 later in the afternoon, but no rain.  And it was cloudy to begin with, so really a perfect day.  It was windy to begin with, which was really nice. I had dressed much warmer, thinking it would be cooler in the morning, but then realized it was too warm for that and changed, thankfully. Just perfect.

So I didn’t get any writing done today, they’ve gone home after the birthday party and I downloaded 825 pictures from the zoo, which is small for me. But no bears, well, one way off in the distance that you could barely see, and the spectacled bear exhibit was closed for renovations. The cougar exhibit was being cleaned, no jaguar either. They had some of the smaller cats–ocelots, and another cat like animal, can’t remember what it was called. So I’m looking forward to playing with them. I’ll have to remove some fences from them. Lots of monkeys, gorillas, elephants, giraffes and an ostrich that was pecking at a baby giraffe, who paid no attention to him. That was the oddest thing ever. lol I’ve never seen anything like it. And then at one point, the 3 ostriches chased each other around the yard.

I love the African horned cows, I think they are. They look so majestic, and one was mooing just as we were coming up, but I think I missed the shot.

And they had boar living in the gorilla pen. That was interesting. I’ve never seen them pair any other animals with them before.

So it was a fun day for all. Little one had a nap on the car ride home, I think the rest of us were ready to take one. lol

While waiting for them to pick up the cupcakes and balloons, I downloaded pictures and last night I managed to get to chapter 12 on White Wolf Moon.

Today, I’ve got to finish White Wolf Moon, if I can. That’s another 16 chapters. Then I’m proofing Saving the White Cougar, then back to Billionaire.

I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something. I sure hope not!  Have a super lovely day!


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